About loginb

loginb is a research-based consultancy for matters of a distinct strategic and managerial nature.

Founded in 1999, loginb first provided services in applied trend and futures research. Parts of this can still be seen in the integrated approach to ‘foresight’ in strategic processes.

In 2003, loginb shifted focus to strategic matters. Working both for the public sector and multinational corporations, the importance of an independent voice came to the fore.

Since then, loginb capitalises on a domain described as strategic development, helping our clients to focus on and effectively communicate their crucial shifts and changes.

In this realm, stretching from assessment to advice, loginb is able to instantly adapt to your changing needs. Furthermore, we work with a broad network of equally excellent partners. This is what, loginb, a principal-led consultancy is about.

Dr Stefan Bertschi

Management consultant, sociologist and scholar of media/literature. Combining the strengths of the social sciences and the humanities to gain insights into the meaning, representation and perception of social and strategic behaviour. I hold an MA in sociology from the University of Basel and a PhD with Distinction from the University of Zurich. Situated between the corporate world and academia, I incorporate and provide the best of both worlds.

Inclusive interests are the functioning and perfection of strategy as well as the interdependencies of society and culture. I am an experienced project manager working with international corporations, incorporating sociological and philosophical reasoning. This can be seen in my academic research.

Amongst others (see list of publications), I am the author of ‘Im Dazwischen von Individuum und Gesellschaft’ (2010) and have co-edited Thumb Culture (2005; Daumenkultur, 2006).