The reason for doing socioscientific research can be depicted by the following illustration:

research scheme

There are many theories on how this all-important relation is handled. Yet, none of these is convincing enough to end the search for a better answer:

  • reading real-world problems of corporations and the public sector with a broader view on interdependencies.
  • perceiving the meaning of strategic planning and acting accordingly, which leads to immediate improvements.

Our approach encloses a set of basic sociological reflections combined with an applied approach to emergent structural challenges.

What is it good for?

In close collaboration with our clients, we provide an independent opinion. loginb is mandated to conduct initial research and provide planning for implementation or to review plans and estimations of internal as well as external origin.

Thereby, it is impossible to separate our analytical capabilities from ‘pure’ consulting. To see what this means for our consulting services enter consulting.

Refer to the publications section for research papers or contact us now if you have any further questions.

Additionally, our research lays ground for new views; this research can lead in controversial directions. Thus allowing delivery of fruitful and unexpected impulses into consultancy... for an example turn to /think/ now.