Our focus is on foresight, strategy, intelligence, corporate culture and change, but not limited to these, and encloses an appropriate understanding of corporate governance. Our experience ranges from SMEs to multinational corporations, from telecommunications to financial services, in international and multilingual settings.

How does strategic development work?

We first review your demands, the current situation and other evidence like previous strategic business planning. This usually includes an analysis of innovation processes, culture and communication strategies involved.

From there we outline the recommended improvements and next steps to achieve your goal efficiently and effectively. At this point loginb engages in close cooperation on either CEO level (recommended in those cases where corporate strategy is affected) or senior executive level (recommended in departmental tasks, e.g., marketing, CRM, HR or business development).


The following excerpt is indicative and depicts our approach in ‘doing the right thing, the right way’. Amongst others, loginb supports and conducts:

  • development and implementation of strategic business plans, including mission and vision statements, plus advanced roadmapping,
  • improvement of executive board team performance and development, in order to provide enhanced foresight,
  • intelligent business process improvement,
  • implementation of sustainable foresight and extended innovation capabilities,
  • communication and change management strategies and governance (not limited to executive communication),
  • analysis of product portfolio and customer segmentation.

Contents are diverse and loginb instantly aligns its offerings to your actual needs. Get in touch now to find out how we can help you today.