Consultancy in Times of Change

Welcome! loginb is a consultancy in the domain of corporate strategy, change management and DEFINED INTEGRATION across any organisation. In today's changing times it is inevitable to perceive coherences and to incorporate their implications into planning and implementation of strategic action. loginb always operates as a high-level ‘sparring partner’ and consistently provides the necessarily informed and holistic view ‘from outside’ – to suit your unique needs.

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News items about loginb are published on DEFINED INTEGRATION's Chatter page.

Research in a Complex World

As a research-based consultancy, loginb focuses on essential insights into cultural and social processes and their effect on society, economics and politics. Engaged in a sophisticated research philosophy, we develop tools for understanding and its implementation. Thereby, we not only provide excellent consulting services, but break new ground in applied research.

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German summary: Beratung & Forschung

loginb ist eine Beratungsfirma in den Bereichen Unternehmensstrategie, Change Management und Integrierte Kommunikation. Wir arbeiten meist als ‘Sparringspartner’ für GL/Senior Management und beraten Sie gerne auch in Deutsch.