Ptolemaic universe

The Ptolemaic universe, from Andrew Boorde's The Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge, published in 1547.

What could this be used for today?

Based on the concept of the Ptolemaic universe and in conjunction with systems theory, I have developed an advanced exploratory framework which can be applied in different contexts such as diverse sociocultural patterns and artefacts.

The model was first applied in research on the social consequences of mobile telephony (published as ‘The Meaning of a Mobile Age’). Further development of the first model proved its adaptability in several contexts. Therefore, such a ‘thought model’ provides distinct advantage at the interface of economics, cultural studies and sociology.

Corporations, institutions and the like are social systems; they all make and are made of individual social action. Therefore, the same methodology can be applied to improve the anticipation and understanding of emergent action. Interested? Want to discuss, dispute etc? Feel free to get in touch! Contact me at stefan.bertschi@loginb.com.